VLOG : Anxiety and the Dentist | plus small haul

Many of you are aware that I suffer from anxiety, I was diagnosed early this year although looking back I've probably suffered with it since a very young age. I won't go into the ins and outs of it here and now because it would take up this whole post. One of my major triggers… Continue reading VLOG : Anxiety and the Dentist | plus small haul

Chatty Video / Vlog : My Tattoo Tour

This is probably one of my most requested videos for this blog and youtube channel. I am always asked about my tattoos, what they mean and why I have them... so I decided to film them for you guys πŸ™‚ I had thought about putting pictures here but thought again when I realised the detail… Continue reading Chatty Video / Vlog : My Tattoo Tour

Family Day Out | Gibside | National Trust

Whilst on holiday this summer we joined the National Trust, okay admittedly it was for the free parking as I didn't have any change on me and the man was right there, but it was something I'd been looking into so it was a bit like fate brought us together! Since then we haven't visited… Continue reading Family Day Out | Gibside | National Trust

Paranormal Investigation – 30 East Drive UK – WHY did I agree to this?

...because I'm an idiot thats why!! I am a virgin!! Well I was, in the ghost hunting field at least! Attending a paranormal investigation (aka ghost hunt as I kept calling it) has been on my bucket list for a long long time. I have always been interested (and slightly petrified of ghosts and anything… Continue reading Paranormal Investigation – 30 East Drive UK – WHY did I agree to this?

Bridlington Bird and Animal Park – UK Days Out

We recently took a little trip in our "new to us" caravan Tiki (a future post is scheduled to introduce you to our lovely old girl) across to a place near Pickering, it was amazing and we had many days out which are also coming soon as blog posts πŸ™‚ I must admit that when… Continue reading Bridlington Bird and Animal Park – UK Days Out

2017 Homemade Christmas / Holidays Planner Flip Through

Its officially 6 months until Christmas which brings the first of my many traditions/rituals for me. On the 25th June I always set up my Christmas/Holidays planner. I find that it helps to have everything together for pre planning the holiday season. Once my planner is set up I usually use the 25th of each… Continue reading 2017 Homemade Christmas / Holidays Planner Flip Through

Planner Sticker Unboxing/Review – TheMixMatchPlanner

For the past few months I have been working with a lovely lady names Karleigh on a wonderful new project that she came up with "Hobbies For Happiness" which is an online Facebook Group and Blog that brings people together who suffer from Mental Health conditions and who have hobbies (of the crafty variety) to… Continue reading Planner Sticker Unboxing/Review – TheMixMatchPlanner

Planner Girls Collective – My Craft Space

I share my craft space with my office and the dining table.. the table comes in hand as a bit of a dumping ground at times haha. This was my craft space this morning whilst I was mind filming.... This is it as it normally is... I recorded a bit of a walk round which… Continue reading Planner Girls Collective – My Craft Space

AllThingsPaperUK – Design Team Sticker kit – Unboxing and Review

Yay, my first DT post for AllThingsPaperUK on my new channel πŸ™‚ So I received my kit last week and have been itching to use it for a while now, but as I am not using stickers in my ECLP at the minute I thought I'd use them in my recollections planner which I will… Continue reading AllThingsPaperUK – Design Team Sticker kit – Unboxing and Review

Little Rainbow Moon (Etsy) Creative Kit – Unboxing/Process Video

I have been lucky enough to be selected by Jo at Little Rainbow Moon to be on her PR team for her creative kits. These are monthly kits mainly use for art/creative journalling where the art work is designed by Jo herself.Β The fact that the art work is usually quite quirky suites me down to… Continue reading Little Rainbow Moon (Etsy) Creative Kit – Unboxing/Process Video