Planner Sticker Unboxing/Review – TheMixMatchPlanner

For the past few months I have been working with a lovely lady names Karleigh on a wonderful new project that she came up with “Hobbies For Happiness” which is an online Facebook Group and Blog that brings people together who suffer from Mental Health conditions and who have hobbies (of the crafty variety) to help them, this may be as an emotional outlet or as part of their self care routine.

As part of Karleighs self care she started to create planner stickers and has recently launched her Etsy shop! I asked Karleigh if she’d like to send me some stickers to review to give her a bit of exposure but also to gove her my honest opinion. Which I thought i’d share with you guys!

Before we jump in lets hear from the lady herself;

“Hello, the lovely Michelle asked me to write a little bit about what I do, so here goes; I have mental health conditions so I do a lot of self care planning and jornaling to help assist my wellbeing and track my health. I decided to make planner stickers (which I love) for self care and journaling but I really wanted to make them pretty and to match the kits that I use so I went to work, I now make personal size, happy planner and erin condren kits, plus bullet journal & dori stickers and all my sheets can be bought separate so that you can mix and match what you like and I have so many plans for the future: more self care stickers, kits and jornaling stickers. I have also recently started my other adventure hobbies for happiness a group for people with mental to share their hobbies and feelings comfortably, this has given me a push and the confidence I needed to start my business and im so grateful to know some amazing people in the business and I’m happy to contribute what I can to help others 😊 xx”

The stickers arrived in the most beautiful packaging I’ve ever received, the gold spotted tissue paper was tied with sparkly silver twine and tiny confetti hearts tinkled out once unwrapped.

I received a tonne of stickers but the ones that instantly spoke out to me where the pirate set.. its amazing and I now need the whole kit… even if never use them haha.

You can view my unboxing HERE!

Click here to view Karleighs Etsy store TheMixMatchPlanner

I love that the set includes some self care stickers.. it would really make me think about my routine if I came to the end of the week and hadn’t used a single one!!

Yes Karleigh!!! Finally a seller who sells basic stickers but in co-ordinating colours. As a minimilist planner I often want to pretty my page with a few splashes of colour but when nothing matches it makes me sad!. Using these I can now have my days colour coordinated without fear of runing out and having to use a different colour or no sticker at all.

Each sticker sheet is literally packed with stickers so there an amazing value for money. I cannot wait for my new planner to reach me so that I can start to use them 🙂

The print colour is clear and the colours are bold and vibrant, the paper is thin (which I really like) and has been cut really well, each sticker has a boarder around the cut line which means nowhere gaps if its misprinted slightly which is a massive bonus. All in all I am very impressed and wish Karleigh all the success with both her business and Hobbies for Happiness!!

If you are a planner seller or have a planner related shop and would like to work with me in reviewing your products then please do get in touch!

**even though these stickers have been sent to me free to review the opinion her are my own personal views and I have to been paid for them in anyway!


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