<< Insert Title Here!! – Home Schooling?? Home Eduction??

How can I insert a title when I hardly know what I would like to say?? I normally have all the words but for now they just won’t come!! I feel like this should be a jolly welcome and that I should be excited for the events that the future looks set to bring but to be honest I feel like a nervous ball of anxiety that is trying to battle a burning ball of fire!!

Lets analyse some shit… opps…. can I swear here?? I promise not to make it a habit!! In fact.. scrap that, I have 3 small children and run my own business whilst dealing with anxiety and depression… I swear and drink wine.. I hope we can still be friends?

So I’m hoping that by now you have realised that I am a mummy to 3 children? They are 6, 4, 3 years old (boy, girl, girl) and I love these small people to the end of the world and would spend every second of the day with them.. It broke my heart sending them to school and I have always wanted to home school.. and travel if we could afford it! Well today one of those dreams became a reality.. Today is the first day that I officially home school/educate the girls. Its a bit harder for Frazer as he is over 5 and I need to Deregister him, we are thinking of letting him finish the school year and then he’ll be homeschooled too.

I never have liked the idea of “them” having so much control over my children and I’m happy with the decisions that we have made.. now if someone would convince my irritable bowel of that i’d be most grateful šŸ™‚

Here’s to a fun and adventurous summer!!


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