Bridlington Bird and Animal Park – UK Days Out

We recently took a little trip in our “new to us” caravan Tiki (a future post is scheduled to introduce you to our lovely old girl) across to a place near Pickering, it was amazing and we had many days out which are also coming soon as blog posts 🙂 I must admit that when I said I wanted to be a Travel/Lifestyle blogger I had the Maldives/Japan in my sites but I got good old Scarborough instead… go figure!

So we have been down that side of the country a few years ago in a static caravan but wanted to revisit it now the kids are a bit older.

One place that I knew we’d go back to is the Bridlington Bird and Animal Park, it really made an impression on us last time with the children being able handle the birds and the fact that everything seemed to be done with the animals/birds welfare at heart. The kids were super excited.

Upon our arrival we noticed some changes, there is now a caravan/camping site on what used to be a barren carpark, the factory outlet shop was still there but every available space seemed to have been turned into space for tents, the entrance to the centre was mostly obscured and we worried it had shut down despite my having checked the website that morning.

After parking in the free carpark we were relieved to find the centre still open with lots of noticeable improvements: the signage is all new and makes the centre look more modern (well as modern as farms can look).

The, what I can only assume, head keeper was in the lobby and (I want to say her name is Rochelle but don’t quote me on that) was pointed out some boxes on the floor which contained baby birds, the kids were delighted to see them and we got to stroke an owl that was sat on the table. By now you are probably guessing that birds and bird breeds just aren’t my forte and you’d be right… So don’t be alarmed with descriptions like “big grey one” and “really quick flappy one”.

The centre is now owned by a lovely couple and is not for profit meaning every penny they make goes back into the centre, this was very apparent as you walk around, there are new enclosures, fences and general improvements all around the site.

We paid £25 for entry for the 5 of us and were impressed by the daily activities that were scheduled:

We had arrived just in time to feel the wallabies and emus and let me tell you its an amazing experience to be in their enclosure and interacting with them… even if they are a bit cheeky!

The talk about the racoon and watching him feed was very interesting, we learnt some new facts and watching the bond between keeper and animal was fascinating, you can tell these guys have a lot of love for each other.

I had only intended to stay a couple if hours, I mean just how many times can you walk around a small farm? But by the time we had handled the reptiles (and by we I mean Trevor and the children) and had seen the first bird display and handled the owls it was 3pm and we hadn’t gotten pasted the meerkats!

All of the displays are included in the price and when I say you get up close to the birds in flight I’m not over embellishing the facts! There was even a baby emu and an owl walking around our feet while we watched the displays!

The thing I love the most about this place is that not one single bird is tethered, the owners and keepers use rewards and treats to encourage the birds in the displays and trust they will come back which is a truly wonderful sight!

If you are in the area, actually even if you aren’t, go visit these guys, interact with the animals and support a small farm who really care about their visitors experience and the welfare of their animals!

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