Paranormal Investigation – 30 East Drive UK – WHY did I agree to this?

…because I’m an idiot thats why!!

I am a virgin!! Well I was, in the ghost hunting field at least! Attending a paranormal investigation (aka ghost hunt as I kept calling it) has been on my bucket list for a long long time. I have always been interested (and slightly petrified of ghosts and anything that goes bump in the night but I watch some of the TV shows that do investigations and always want to debunk their findings, I’ve always been of the mind that If I don’t see it with my own eyes then it didn’t really happen!

My friend Alyson is a member of the Glasgow Paranormal Investigators and I’ve told her that i’d love to give it a try, so she invited me along to a location that her team have been to before, little did I know when I agreed that it is a very well documented location with a poltergeist that is said to be the most violent and active in Europe… did I actually call Alyson a friend up there haha!

I didn’t quite know what to expect when we arrived but I do know that the second I stepped into the house I felt a change in the atmosphere… was it paranormal? Maybe, or it could be the fact that I had just signed a disclaimer to say that not only would the owner not stay there over night himself but that he doesn’t actually recommend anyone else does either! That certainly set the mood for the night.

The excitement coming off the team was tangible and they all obviously know each other very well and have a lot of history together which did put me at ease, there were to be 10 of us in total, 11 if you count the ghost and 14 if you count the 3 dolls that honestly need to be thrown straight into the burning fires of hell! Only one of the team is male and he makes up half of the husband and wife partnership who run/own Glasgow Paranormal Investigations, the rest are female of different ages and every single one of them is a pure gem who went out of their way to help me fit in.

I have a vlog up of the tour of the house and a walk through of the events that happened to us, unfortunately I didn’t catch anything on camera but then I spent most of the time following Alyson around like a petrified sheep dog!

We kicked off the investigation at about 9pm, Alyson, Mandy Lisa and myself started in the main bedroom which is now home to the three creepy dolls and is where Alyson photographed some strange phenomena on their last visit. The atmosphere upstairs is totally different to downstairs and every fibre of my being wanted out. I sat against the bed and filmed a short vlog and then we turned on the spirit box and Alice app, which proceeded to some through with what seemed to be a few personal messages for me! I cam over so emotional that we turned the box off for a while and asked for some cohesive tapping.

Amongst the tapping and scratching, all which appeared to come from inside the box of the “haunted” doll we had a domino drop off of a clock and fall onto the carpet, we tried several times to recreate how it could have fallen there but each time the domino dropped onto the table and not the carpet. The door also moved and then done so again when one of the team asked it to. At one point my right leg went totally dead, almost as if paralysed, I had no feeling in it at all and couldn’t even feel myself moving it, this could have been down to having been sat on the floor for a while but I’ve never felt anything like that before and I was just as shocked to find one of my boot buckles undone, again something that could have happened from being sat on the floor and catching on the carpet but its a decorative buckle that has never been undone before!

Its hard to tell if what we were feeling was paranormal or just anxious energy from ourselves but when the battery on the camera died we knew it was time to go down stairs for a breather.

whilst downstairs I had a text conversation from Trevor (my husband) who was at home, he was very worried about me and literally begged me not to go in the coal bunker, after a few text between us it became clear that he had been having a few of the exact same feeling as I’d had upstairs: twitching/burning in right arm, shaking hands and general anxious feeling. Normally Trevor is the straight thinker and can put me at ease in minute but seeing how distressed he was done nothing to calm me down, I think if we had lived closer or had 2 cars he would have driven straight over to bring me home! I had just explained Trevor’s messages to Alyson when Mandy stepped into the lounge/drawing room to take a picture and was thrown into the door.. I say thrown because this happened right next to me and in my peripheral vision I saw something come at her and nudge her.. I actually jumped off my chair and ran (nudging her back into whatever had just chucked her… sorry about that Mandy, and then turned to laugh at whatever member of the team had done it.. only to find no one there! Could this have been Fred the poltergeist? We’ll never know and if I hadn’t been sat where I was sat then I probably would question it myself but I don’t mind admitting that it was the most scarred I have ever been in my whole life!

Not much happened after this, the team done a few Facebook lives and Alyson, myself and a few others went upstairs again but the energy had changed and I didn’t feel nearly as spooked as I had before. Some of the others teams had a few experiences and if any footage of that emerges then I will be sure to link it in this post.

At about 4am I remember drifting off to sleep on the sofa, after we experienced the worst smell ever to cross my nostrils, it was like a damp and muddy dog that had rolled in festering water, it really was awful and it brought a chill when someone mentioned that “Fred” had been executed and thrown in a well, that is now below the house, for the rape and murder of a young girl.

All in all it was an amazing experience, I’m still slightly skeptical about the whole paranormal topic but I do know that I was going nowhere the next morning until Alyson performed her cleansing circle to make sure nothing could attach itself to any of us, not such a sceptic after all?

You can find out all the information on 30 East Drive on their website HERE 

Much Love
Michelle xx

I’d love to hear in the comments if you’ve been to 30 East Drive or on any other paranormal investigation. Have you had anything unexplainable happen to you? Would you go on an investigation if you had the chance?

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