VLOG : Anxiety and the Dentist | plus small haul

Many of you are aware that I suffer from anxiety, I was diagnosed early this year although looking back I've probably suffered with it since a very young age. I won't go into the ins and outs of it here and now because it would take up this whole post. One of my major triggers… Continue reading VLOG : Anxiety and the Dentist | plus small haul

Chatty Video / Vlog : My Tattoo Tour

This is probably one of my most requested videos for this blog and youtube channel. I am always asked about my tattoos, what they mean and why I have them... so I decided to film them for you guys 🙂 I had thought about putting pictures here but thought again when I realised the detail… Continue reading Chatty Video / Vlog : My Tattoo Tour

Family Day Out | Gibside | National Trust

Whilst on holiday this summer we joined the National Trust, okay admittedly it was for the free parking as I didn't have any change on me and the man was right there, but it was something I'd been looking into so it was a bit like fate brought us together! Since then we haven't visited… Continue reading Family Day Out | Gibside | National Trust