VLOG : Anxiety and the Dentist | plus small haul

Many of you are aware that I suffer from anxiety, I was diagnosed early this year although looking back I’ve probably suffered with it since a very young age. I won’t go into the ins and outs of it here and now because it would take up this whole post.

One of my major triggers is the dentist, it takes me a long time to build up enough of a rapport with my dentist to get me to the point of having any work beyond a simple check up done. My anxiety triggers a few days before my appointment with heart palpitations, agitation, aggression and restless nights. I loose focus on anything else and become overwhelmed by even the smallest task.

I knew that today’s appointment was going to see me having one of the three small fillings done and I’d opted to have it done with just the normal local anaesthetic, normally I require sedation. The run up to the appointment wasn’t too bad and even in the waiting room my anxiety levels were only at about a 1/5. I ended up having all 3 done and handled it pretty well.

Only after we’d left the dentist and gotten into town did I start to feel the effects of my “anxiety hangover” thats the only way I can describe it, actually its kind of between being drunk and a hangover.. almost like late afternoon when you’ve been day drinking. I’m totally i control of my body yet it doesn’t feel like my body… gee I hope someone out there nows what I’m on about 🙂

So this vlog is the aftermath of the visit and a small haul fro Matalan and Shoe Zone!



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